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Sewing is Magic Pattern

Sewing with our hands, filling a project with LOVE… it’s magic! We put a little piece of our heart in every project we make. Throughout the process, we (the makers) are filled with amazing feelings of achievement, liberation and happiness. It’s something worth celebrating!

This pattern includes two size options. Use the small size to pimp out a tote or pouch and then make the large size wall art. It’s the perfect sewing room eye candy! Play with vinyl, glitter or sequins for the rainbow swirl. This tactile element features floating glitter, it’s both fabulous and engaging.. SEW COOL!

Finished sizes:
9” x 10 ½” appliqué
24” wall art

This listing is for a sewing pattern booklet that will guide you through the process of creating your own handmade version!

Inside your pattern you'll receive a link to download SVG and FCM files which can be use for fabric cutting machines. There is no specific instruction for this particular method of fabric cutting, please refer to directions outlined in your manual.

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